Mekong Whiskey is a typical brandy of the Mekong Delta, researched and produced by Mekong Heritage company. Wine is created from a harmonious combination of traditional indigenous and modern cultures, bringing a unique, unforgettable flavor.
From indigenous traditions

Traditionally, Mekong Whiskey is produced using Vietnam’s manual fermentation process, using ST25 rice, the best rice in the world. ST25 rice is grown in the fertile alluvial soil of the Mekong River, with a typical countryside aroma.
The manual fermentation process is a traditional Vietnamese method that has been passed down through many generations. This method requires meticulousness and ingenuity from the craftsman, helping to create a unique flavor for the wine.

To modernity

In modern terms, Mekong Whiskey is distilled using a complex process through 6 towers, helping to create a rich, passionate flavor. The wine is aged in oak barrels that have been treated with a special formula, imported whole from Europe. Aging in oak gives the wine an amber color and a complex, balanced flavor.

The process of distilling and aging alcohol in oak is modern, advanced techniques commonly applied in whiskey production around the world.

A blend of tradition and modernity

The combination of tradition and modernity has created the unique flavor of Mekong Whiskey. The wine has a delicate resonance between the scent of pandan leaves mixed with the characteristic new smell of ST25 rice. The passionate wine taste of dried fruits, the mild spicy taste of cinnamon, the sweetness of honey and the faint scent of rosewood.

The scent of pandan leaves is a typical fragrance of the Mekong Delta. This aroma blends with the smell of fresh green rice to create a unique flavor, reminiscent of the green rice fields of the West.

The taste of Mekong Whiskey has the bold flavor of Western whiskey, but also has unique characteristics of Eastern culture. The passionate wine taste of dried fruit, the mild spicy taste of cinnamon, the sweetness of honey and the faint scent of rosewood create a harmonious, balanced flavor.