Mekong ST25 Rice Wine is a masterpiece of specialty winemakers, carefully distilled from the world’s best rice in the Mekong Delta, where the tropical climate and fertile alluvial soil combine to create ideal conditions for the development of this unique rice.

With high-quality raw materials, the Mekong ST25 rice wine production process is carried out by experienced wine experts, from the selection of rice, soaking, to the fermentation and distillation process. Through each meticulous step, they uphold traditional secrets and apply modern technology to create a product with rich cultural identity and top quality.

Mekong ST25 rice wine shines with the characteristic aroma of new rice, harmoniously combining with the unique features of the Mekong Delta. The delicate, smooth and sweet flavor of ST25 rice is a charming highlight for those who love to enjoy fine wine.

In addition, the Mekong ST25 wine bottle is not only a quality product but also a symbol of refinement and class. The luxurious bottle design and the transparency of the wine in the bottle are a representation of the purity and noble value of the product.

Mekong ST25 rice wine is not just a type of wine, but also a symbol of the elegance and sophistication of the Mekong Delta. Let this special flavor tell the story of the fusion of tradition and modernity, bringing to the hands of wine connoisseurs a unique and classy experience.