Mekohe rice wine is a product developed and produced by Mekong Heritage Company Limited. It is the result of a creative research process that combines traditional Vietnamese winemaking methods with Japanese rice wine aging methods, resulting in a unique product with a delicate flavor.

Mekohe rice wine does not have the sour or bitter taste of Japanese rice wine, but has a light, sweet flavor with notes of roasted rice, the intoxicating aroma of newly harvested corn, like the smell of just-sprouted ears of corn. The wine has a milky white color with the aroma of roasted rice and vanilla. The wine has a soft, delicate flavor that blends with the sweet taste of roasted rice, the creaminess of vanilla, and the light aroma of ST25 rice.

Mekohe rice wine is a light wine that helps stimulate digestion and improve skin health, making it very suitable for women. The wine should be enjoyed neat to fully appreciate the flavor and aroma, and it tastes better when chilled. The wine is used as an appetizer.

Mekohe rice wine is a delicious and refreshing drink that is perfect for gatherings with friends and family. It is also a thoughtful gift for loved on.